Kay Is Published!


October 2008

That’s right, Kay Conheady, CFP® has been published in recently published “Dummies” book “Investing In An Uncertain Economy for Dummies” by Sheryl Garrett and the Garrett Planning Network.

As most people know, the “Dummies” line of books are really targeted toward smart people who need in-depth, readily understandable information on specific topics.

Kay’s chapter contributions to the latest Dummies book really bear this out.

So that you can partake of all the expert advice in this book, Kay has donated 2 copies to the local Library system. If you really can’t wait to see Kay’s sections (or you don’t have access to this library system) here are Kay’s chapters for your reading pleasure…you do enjoy reading about investing, don’t you?!

Asset Allocation in the Active Stage of Retirement

Asset Allocation in the Slow Down Stage of Retirement

Asset Allocation in the Late Stage of Retirement

But, we’d like to let you in on a little secret. These sections only scratch the surface of the information that was actually submitted by Kay for publication! To keep the book manageable in size and complexity, the publishers decided to trim back Kay’s advice about how retirees can use the stock market’s Price-to-Earnings (PE) ratio and PE trend to make asset allocation and nest egg withdrawal rate decisions.

That’s right, in the course of her relentless study of the art and science of financial planning, Kay has come across some fascinating new research that reveals the predictive value of the stock market’s current PE ratio and PE trend. Financial Planners are just starting to learn how to use PE information to help retirees invest more appropriately and moderate the rate at which they consume their nest egg!! In our opinion, this research holds out real promise for helping financial planners help retired clients invest wisely and live as fully as possible but still within their means. We’re very excited about where this branch of research is going and how useful it will be as the baby boom generation launches into retirement!!

Please know that Kay is truly rewarded by helping both retirees, and those still in the accumulation phase of life, with the unique financial challenges life presents!

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