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What Financial Services Industry Observers Say About Fee-Only Advice


April 2016 – U.S. Dept. Of Labor Adopts a Fiduciary Standard for 401K and IRA Investors!!

This is BIG, IMPORTANT news!

A Sampling of Apropos Financial Planning’s Client Newsletters

August 2010 (2.3Mb)

September 2011 (2.3Mb)

February 2012 – Kay Conheady Launches New Website – ‘The CAPE Research Catalog”

Visit to see the growing body of  pioneering research that has been and is being published about Cyclically Adjusted Price Earnings (CAPE) ratios.  As historical stock market performance data stacks up over time an active and imaginative group of people are analyzing the data to learn how CAPE ratios can be used to forecast stock market returns and sustainable nest egg withdrawal rates during retirement.  This website will serve as a resource to financial planners and serious investors to whom CAPE ratios (such as the P/E10 aka “Shiller’s PE”) are an important tool for serving their clients.

December 2011 – Kay Conheady’s P/E10 Ratio Research Article Published at Adviser Perspectives

Here is a link to Kay’s article that explores the hypothesis that the trend of the P/E10 ratio is something to which investors should pay attention.  Your feedback is welcome!

March 2011 – Apropos Financial Planning Sponsors Leadership Training for Young Women of Distinction!

In May 2011 The Women’s Council of the Rochester Business Alliance honored 15 or so female high school seniors as Young Women of Distinction.  They will each be awarded a scholarship to the “Leadership In An Age Of Intensity” training class taught by local business woman and leader Amy Castronova.  Apropos Financial Planning will be sponsoring the 2010 training session for these future leaders.  “It’s a natural fit for me,” says Kay Conheady.  “As a woman forging new ground in the financial services industry and a veteran docent at the Susan B. Anthony House, I heartily support the development of the leadership abilities of Rochester’s best and brightest young women!”  Kay met with Ms. Castronova at 17 Madison Street on March 31st to give her a sponsorship check on Miss Anthony’s front stoop and a tour of one of Rochester’s most famous homes.  This is the second year Kay and Apropos supported this initiative.

February 2010 – The Garrett Planning Network and Motley Fool Partner to Promote Fee-Only, Hourly Financial Planning

Yes indeed, the Motley Fool will now be exclusively endorsing and promoting the Garrett Planning Network to Fools every where.   Click here to see the excellent first message recently sent to MF members. This is one of the best made arguments I’ve read for why even personal finance do-it-yourselfers should get expert help with their finances! (By way of full disclosure, this new partnership is essentially a marketing alliance intended to monetarily benefit both the Motley Fool and the Members of the Garrett Planning Network.)

June 2009 – Kay Conheady, CFP® Quoted in WXXI Story “Living Within Your Means”

WXXI Reporter Carlet Cleare interviewed Kay for her 5 part series that explored the financial challenges many people are facing in our downturn economy.  Kay thanks Carlet and WXXI for tackling this important, timely topic, and for including a fee-only financial planner in her research and on-air story line.

May 2009 – Kay Conheady, CFP® Delivers Objective Education to Retiring Pal-Mac Employees

On May 27th Kay delivered a 1.5 hour presentation about retirement planning and the Pal-Mac 403(b) plan to retiring district employees who had accepted a retirement incentive offer from the district.  The District Administration felt strongly that it was important for these soon-to-be retirees have an in-depth understanding of the challenges, issues, opportunities and possibilities that retirement presents to those about to switch gears and enter their golden years. Attendees asked great questions and provided feedback indicating that the presentation content was very valuable to them.  Many indicated that they wish they had received similar information much earlier in their careers.  This feedback serves to affirm the District’s decision to start offering financial literacy education to new hires and veteran employees every year.  The first presentation sessions for these groups will be held in the Fall of 2009 at the start of the new school year.  Happy Summer to all who work in our critically important public education system!

April 2009 – Kay Conheady, CFP® published in Rochester Democrat & Chronicle

The April 19th edition of the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle included an article written by Kay that offers insights to 403(b) savers about how to choose an investment vendor.  This article is part of Kay’s ongoing efforts to empower and support those who work in the public and non-profit sphere and are saving for retirement in a 403(b) plan.  403(b) plans tend to be riddled with performance robbing fees and expenses, most of which are completely avoidable.  The choice of investment vendor is the first critically important decision 403(b) savers make that will determine the types, number and amount  of fees they incur so Kay chose to focus in on this topic in her article.  Kay is looking forward to offering more helpful insights about personal finances in future articles.

March 2009 – Kay Conheady, CFP® Engaged by the Palmyra-Macedon CSD to Educate Its Employees

Kay is absolutely honored and thrilled to have been engaged by administration of the PMCSD to provide educational workshops to employees about retirement planning and the 403(b) plan offered by the District.  The district was especially focused on making objective financial education, delivered by a fee-only, independent financial planning expert, available to employees.   To our knowledge, by pursuing this initiative, the PMCSD is breaking new ground in employee stewardship in the public sphere in Western New York!  Kay hopes her presentations will empower 403(b) savers to make informed decisions about how to plan and save for retirement!  Kay would like to connect with other local school districts, and private employers, to bring objective financial education to more and more 403(b) and 401(k) savers.  Please call Kay today if you would like to explore how to bring independent financial education to your school district or company!

February 2009 – Kay Conheady, CFP® Reaches Out to 403(b) Savers in 2009

This year Kay will be making a concerted effort to connect with public sector and non-profit employees to help them invest more cost effectively via their 403(b) accounts. Specifically, Kay wants to see 403(b) savers keeping more of their 403(b) dollars in their accounts by rescuing their money from the excessive expenses that lurk in 403(b) plans. Don’t hesitate to call Kay if you are interested in learning more about how you, as a 403(b) plan participant, can build wealth faster by intelligently avoiding the avoidable expenses in your 403(b) plan. For a bit more insight into this issue visit our web page devoted to the topic.

October 2008 – New Dummies Book published – Kay Conheady, CFP® contributes three sections.

“Investing in an Uncertain Economy for Dummies” made its very timely debut this month. Kay Conheady, CFP® contributed three sections that provide wisdom to those in the early, middle and late stages of retirement. Kay has donated two copies to the Monroe County and the Pioneer library systems so that every one in her local service area can benefit from her knowledge and experience helping middle income individuals and families weather the prevailing stormy conditions in the economy and financial markets. “Don’t let the ‘For Dummies’ title fool you – this book is meaty and looks at the challenges we’re all facing from every possible angle!”, advises Kay. She adds, “If you aren’t confident in your ability to read and apply the information in this book, why not simply call us so we can explore how to bring our accumulated wisdom to bear on your financial challenges!” Click here for interesting additional details about this exciting milestone in Kay’s career.

August 2008 – Kay Conheady, CFP® Quoted in Business Week Magazine

Kay Conheady was quoted in the August 4th issue of Business Week Magazine. Her comments center around factors investors should be keeping in mind in our current economic and capital market environment. You can find the full article here

August 2008 – Kay Conheady, CFP® Attends Garrett Planning Network’s Annual Retreat in Kansas City

The Garrett annual retreat is an educational event as well as an opportunity to re-connect with fellow network members and welcome new members into the network. Kay attended educational sessions on the intricacies of variable annuity guaranteed benefits and income riders, retirement income planning, debt management, term life insurance, estate planning and practice management. Kay returned from retreat refreshed and ready to apply new expertise to her client’s financial challenges.

How will I benefit from Kay’s financial advisory and investment expertise?

August 2008 – Kay Conheady, CFP® Attends Garrett Financial Education Alliance Training

Kay loves to teach others about personal finances. To fine tune her presentation skills she attended a two day ‘train the trainer’ workshop conducted by the Garrett Financial Education Alliance ( and hopes to serve as a GFEA presenter in the future.

February 2008 – Sheryl Garrett profiled in the Wall Street Journal

In a special report entitled “12 People Who Are Changing Your Retirement”, WSJ writer Kelly Greene profiles Sheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network , saying: “These pioneers are shaping the way Americans will live, work and play later in life” and that “Sheryl Garrett is on a mission to bring financial planning to the masses.” Read the article now.

September 2007 – Garrett Planning Network Featured in Pulse On America Segment on CNN!!

We are a member of the Garrett Planning Network because we believe that our membership enables us to bring the collective expertise of the entire membership to each of our clients. A Pulse on America segment aired recently on CNN that highlights how Garrett members offer a unique value proposition to their clientele. You can view the video here.

June 2007 – Kay Conheady Completes CFP® Requirements!!

Kay Conheady completed the rigorous experience requirements for the CFP® credential and is duly authorized to refer to herself as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. “I regard this to be the ultimate testament to my dedication to the financial planning profession,” relates Kay. “I’ve armed myself with a comprehensive understanding of personal finances to ideally position myself to help people cultivate their financial well-being.”

February 2007 – Kay Conheady Quoted in Investment News!!

Kay provided key insights to Investment News reporter Sara Hansard about proposed legislation in Congress to require businesses to offer a payroll deferral option to personal IRA’s. The goal of such legislation is to increase retirement savings rates by making retirement saving easier for employees of small businesses that don’t offer a formal retirement savings plan of any kind. The proposal is backed by the Heritage Foundation and other policy think tanks. Kay believes that with the proper framework the plan could work as long as adequate protections are built into the system to protect participants from invesment industry hazards such as high fees, conflicted advice, and ill-advised investment options .

February 2007 – Kay Conheady Quoted in Business Week Magazine!!

In late January Kay helped BW reporter Lauren Young research a story about Self Directed Brokerage Accounts within 401Ks and was quoted in the resulting article. This is a topic Kay cares and knows quite a bit about because numerous Rochester area employers offer a brokerage option in their 401K plan, including Kodak and ITT. Kay has helped many clients navigate in these fee and expense infested waters to design cost-effective portfolios that take advantage of the often overwhelming number of investment options made available.

October 2006 – Kay Conheady honored by the Rochester Women’s Network!!

At its annual luncheon in November of 2006, Kay Conheady will be honored by the Rochester Women’s Network as an “Up and Coming Businesswomen”. “I am thrilled that a panel of distinguished local women believes my innovative approach to offering objective financial services to people from all walks of life is worthy of recognition,” bubbles Kay. “It is both humbling and motivating to be honored in this way and by this organization! I would like to thank RWN and, most importantly, all my clients who are validating my business vision and strategies on a daily basis!”

September 2006 – Kay Conheady featured in New York Daily News Article!!

Kay Conheady is quoted extensively in an article written by expert personal finance writer Jean Chatzky about the growing debt loads of senior citizens.

August 2006 – Kay Conheady featured in Money Magazine!!

Kay Conheady is a featured adviser in the August 2006 issue of Money Magazine. She was tapped to advice Daniel and Tiffany Coward, twenty-something parents of 2 young children. Check out the article in the print edition to find out the types of issues Kay is prepared to help with, including cash management, insurance needs and coverage analysis, investing and prioritizing financial goals.

April 2006 – Kay Conheady named to Member Advisory Board of Garrett Planning Network!!

Kay Conheady has been named to the nine person panel of Garrett Planning Network members who will serve rotating multi-year terms as advisers to network visionary and owner, Sheryl Garrett. Kay is thrilled to have been chosen to advise Sheryl on how to cultivate the Network’s continued growth and success. To find out more about the Garrett Planning Network visit


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