We’re Different!


We Are Enthusiastically Different From Most Other Financial Advisers!

In a nutshell, here’s how …

Read on if you wish to know more about why these differences matter to you!

Fee-Only – Apropos is a fee-only financial planning and advisory firm.  This means we receive our compensation solely from our clients. This also means we don’t sell investment or insurance products, we don’t accept referral fees of any kind and we take our legal responsibility to put your interests first very seriously!  Why do we work this way?  To absolutely minimize the conflicts of interest in our relationships with our clients!  Read more in our Fee-Only FAQ.

Credentialed – Kay Conheady is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERpractitioner meaning she has met rigorous educational, testing, experience and ethical criteria and keeps her knowledge up-to-date by earning 30 hours of continuing education credits bi-annually.  Plus, the CFP® credential is the only industry credential that ensures you will receive Fiduciary service. Don’t settle for less than CFP® expertise and integrity!

Hourly, As-needed – Apropos offers its services on an hourly, as-needed basis. We want to be accessible to all and toward this end we don’t screen our client’s for income, net worth or asset minimums. In your initial engagement, and your periodic checkups after that, we will work on only the areas of your finances that need fine tuning. You pay for only the services you need at any point in time!

Serving Middle America – At least 80% of Americans need to work to earn a living and secure their financial well-being.  If you count yourself in this group then you are exactly who we are positioned to serve.  Our clients are current and former electricians, nurses, truck drivers, artists, teachers, mail deliverers, scientists, administrators, engineers, administrative assistants, attorneys, waitresses, small business owners, researchers, salesman…well, you get the picture.

Competitive Hourly Fee – We seek to ensure that our fees are highly competitive and in fact our current $140/hour fee is as much as half what other advisers in Western NY charge. We also provide a guaranteed fee estimate in advance of all planning engagements so you know what you will be charged for our work together.

Personalized Service -  In order to further distinguish ourselves from our competition, we tailor our advice and deliverables 100% to your unique circumstances. Please use the “Our Services” drop-down menu above to learn more about each of our distinct services, including the benefits of each to you!

When you put all these factors together, you may get the sense that there are few advisers like us out there. Indeed, there are very few!

Please call soon to unleash the benefits of financial planning on your personal finances!