Serving Distance Clients


We Bring Our Services To You Where Ever You Are In New York State!

We actively seek to work with people throughout New York State and make use of all modern technologies, including web conferencing, email, FAX and phone to make this possible.

You may be especially interested in retaining us to counsel you if you live in one of the more expensive parts of New York, such as the New York City region or Albany. This is because you would be getting credentialed expertise at western New York prices!

Also, for those in Western NY in particular (from Buffalo to the Syracuse region), we offer evening and some Saturday morning meeting times so that those willing to make the drive can actually meet face to face with Kay perhaps for the all important Get Acquainted meeting or the engagement Presentation meeting.

Don’t let the distance between us deter you from scheduling a complimentary Get Acquainted to learn more about our cost effective distance service capabilities!!