Retirement Planning


Retirement can be either a time of constant worry about money or a time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your life long labors. Because every year that passes without having a retirement plan in place limits your ability to fashion a comfortable retirement, pre-retirees aged 40 and above need to do retirement planning to answer the following questions

The retirement plan we prepare for you will be 100% tailored to your unique hopes and dreams.

The deliverables for a retirement planning engagement include:

These deliverables will be thoroughly explained to you in a presentation meeting. The amount of time we require to formulate a well rounded retirement plan, and therefore the cost of this service to you, will vary depending on the simplicity or complexity of your retirement goals, the number of people covered by the plan and the number of different retirement scenarios you request (e.g. retire at age 55 vs. age 60 vs. age 65). You will be provided with a guaranteed fee estimate at the end of our complimentary Get Acquainted meeting.

Often it is prudent to combine retirement planning and an investment portfolio review into a single engagement. Not doing so increases the risk that one’s investment portfolio will not generate the level of returns called for in the retirement plan.