Estate Planning


Everyone can benefit from doing basic estate planning, regardless of age or net worth. Individuals with dependents are at especially high risk of leaving behind disadvantages loved ones if basic estate planning hasn’t been given proper priority. Individuals with handsome nest eggs may also have much to gain from doing estate planning. The benefits of working with Apropos to do estate planning include:

We will query you in detail about your assets, your family and your wishes and goals for pre and post-mortem asset transfers. In other words, the estate planning advice we deliver to you will be 100% tailored to your unique circumstances.

The deliverables for an estate planning engagement include:

These deliverables will be thoroughly explained to you in a presentation meeting.

The amount of time we require to fulfill the stated goals of an estate planning engagement, and therefore the cost of this service to you, will vary depending on the complexity of your estate planning goals and the complexity of your assets. You will be provided with a guaranteed fee estimate at the end of our complimentary Get Acquainted meeting.