College Expense Planning


Using your college savings optimally to pay college expenses is a complex challenge – there are far more ways to squander than to stretch your finite resources. Parents with children who will enter college in the 1-2 year time frame will reap the following benefits from a college expense planning engagement:

The college expense plan we prepare for you will be 100% tailored to your unique circumstances.

The deliverables for a college planning engagement include:

These deliverables will be thoroughly explained to you in a presentation meeting.

The amount of time we require to formulate a well rounded college expense plan, and therefore the cost of this service, will vary depending on the number of children included in the planning and the complexity of the need to reposition assets. You will be provided with a guaranteed fee estimate at the end of our complimentary Get Acquainted meeting.

Often it is prudent to combine college expense planning with retirement planning and an investment portfolio review into a single engagement.  The goal in so doing is to ensure that you can truly afford the level of support for college expenses you aspire to provide.