Budgeting and Debt Management Planning


Budgeting is a “best practice” for ensuring you live within your means and steer clear of costly consumer debt. Teens, twenty-somethings, divorcees, widows, widowers, and debt-laden individuals will reap the following benefits from an Apropos “BDM” planning engagement:

We will query you in detail about your monthly expenses, your household income, the specific challenges you have managing your money and your goals for the future. In other words, the budget and/or debt management plan we create together will be 100% tailored to your specific circumstances.

The deliverables for a budgeting engagement include:

The deliverables for a debt management engagement include:

These deliverables will be thoroughly explained to you in a presentation meeting.

The amount of time we spend helping you formulate a budget, and therefore the cost of this service to you, will vary depending on the complexity of your budget, the amount of support needed to use our budgeting tool. If debt reduction is included in the engagement the cost of services will also depend on the complexity of your debts. You will be provided with a guaranteed fee estimate at the end of our complimentary Get Acquainted meeting. Note that a debt management engagement makes sense for someone with a manageable level of debt. If you have heavy debts you cannot afford to fully pay off and/or your situation calls for bankruptcy proceedings, we will refer you to a debt counseling service to assist you.