About the Apropos Logo


It’s a gift!
This is the last spoken line in Kay Conheady’s favorite movie, Dr. Zhivago. And it encapsulates the most important facet of the coin in the Apropos FP logo.

The Gold Liberty coins flanking the stylized word Apropos are pictures of a coin Kay’s father gave to her for Christmas one year. Kay’s father (a true admirer of United States coins) was excited about her transition to doing financial planning and was eagerly following her pursuit of the CFP® credential. It was deeply saddening to Kay that he didn’t live long enough to see her launch her practice and finish the rigorous experience CFP® requirements. He died in 2002 at the relatively young age of 74. In honor of his enthusiastic support of her efforts, she really wanted to build a remembrance of him into her practice name or logo. Given the nature of her new profession, using the beautiful, proof gold coin he gave her was a natural fit!!